HTML5 spellcheck attribute with demo

  • The HTML5 spellcheck attribute specifies whether or not the spelling or grammar checking feature is enabled for an element.
  • The spellcheck attribute is introduced in HTML5 to allow to check spelling mistakes of the editable text.
  • This feature uses the contentEditable attribute to find spelling mistakes in Web page.
  • The spellcheck attribute is supported in all major browsers like IE 10, Firefox, opera, chrome and safari. The spellcheck attribute is not supported in IE 9  and earlier versions.

<element spellcheck= [ value ]>

In the preceding syntax, element represents an HTML element and the spellcheck attribute can take any of the following values:

  • true - Checks an element for spelling and grammar if its content is editable.
  • false - Does not check an element for spelling and grammar.
  • inherit - Specifies that an element inherits the spell check behaviour from its parent element.