SSRS 2012 Interview questions and Answers

SSRS 2012 Interview Questions with Answers

This tutorial is about SSRS 2012 Interview Questions and Answers.Here we will discuss the most frequently asked interview questions about sql server reporting services.

1.  What are data regions?
Data regions are report items that display repeated rows of summarized information from datasets.
2.  You want to generate a report that is formatted as a chart. Can you use the Report Wizard to create such a report?
No, the Report Wizard lets you create only tabular and matrix reports. you must create the chart report directly by using the Report Designer.
3. You want to use BIDS to deploy a report to a different server than the one you chose in the Report Wizard. How can you change the server URL?
You can right-click the project in Solution Explorer and then change the Target-Server URL property.
4.What are the three SSRS command-line utilities and their primary functions?
RSConfig.exe is used to define the connection properties from the SSRS instance to the Report Server database; RSKeyMgmt.exe performs encryption key operations and scale-out deployment setup; RS.exe runs Report Server Script files that can perform report deployment and management operations.
5. Can you always create a cache of a report?
No, you can create a cache of a report only when certain requirements, such as having credentials stored in the Report Server, are met.
6. Can you edit the .rdl code associated with a linked report?
No, because a linked report has no .rdl code of its own. It refers to the .rdl code of the base report
     7.What is reporting lifecycle ?
         Reporting Services has three mainly three phases
    1. Development of Reports (Developer) – First of all a report needs to be design which is primarily done by report developer
    2. Management of Reports (DBA) – Once the Report is being developed, DBA need to ensure
    3. Security – Only authorized user should access the report
    4. Execution – How the report will be executed to optimize data sources performance
    5. Scheduling of reports – so that report are executed on scheduled timings
    6. Report Delivery (DBA+Developer) – Once the report is being developed and executed now the report should be reached to final recipients (business users) who are going to understand / analyze report data. if any changes, we again go back to development stage.
8. What are the new features are introduced in SQL Server 2012 reporting services?   

    1. Power View - interactive data exploration
    2. SQL Server 2012 is fully integrated with SharePoint
    3.  Introduction to Data Alerts, data alerts are a data-driven alerting solution that informs you about changes in report data that are of interest to you, and at a relevant time
    4. SQL Server Data tool
    5.  new rendering extensions supports MS Office 2010
    6. Project Crescent is being introduced
           9.what is ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB ?
    1.     Reporting Services uses two SQL Server databases for storage by default, the databases are named ReportServer and ReportServerTempdb.
    2.      ReportServer is a main database, which store all internal configuration and report meta data where as ReportServerTempdb is used to store temporary data, session information, and cached reports.

    10.What is encryption key ?

    1. Encryption keys are used by the report server so that items such as connection strings are maintained securely. these keys are required in case you want to perform restoration of report server databases


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