New SSIS Project 2012 and 2008 Integration Services

SSIS 2012 or 2008 creating a new SQL Server Integration Project 

  1. In this SSIS 2012 demo i will explain how to create an SSIS integration project in SQL Server Integration services project in BIDS 2012 or 2008
  2. SSIS 2012 or SSIS 2008 is a powerful tool that is used for Data Migration and Data Integration and is an important part of Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI)
  3. The tools that we have used are SQL Server 2008 or 2012 ,Business intelligence development studio 2008 or 2012
Step 1:click start then open Business intelligence development studio(BIDS)
Step 2:Once the Business intelligence development studio(BIDS) is opened click on file-new project-a new project window will open
Step 3: From the project window select Integration services project .Then give the project name , solution name,project location and then click on ok

Step 4: The new SSIS 2008 or 2012 project will have Solution explorer Properties and the package in design mode

Solution explorer will contain Data Sources,Data source views,SSIS Packages with Default Package.dtsx package as shown in the below

Step 5: when we click on the SSIS Package.dtsx it gets opened in design mode
The design mode is divided into tabs such as
Control flow ,data flow,event handlers,package explorer

when we right click the control flow area we can find that there are many options available such as variables ,logging ,properties ,select all and many more

Step 6:At the bottom we have connection managers section. In this sections we can add the connections that are needed by our ssis packages to move data from source to destinations
Some of the connection managers types are Flat File connection,ADO.NET Connection ,OLE DB Connection and many more

This SSIS demo will be helpful in making a empty project in SQL Server Integration Services Project


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