wbr tag in html5 with example

  1. The HTML <wbr> tag is used for specifying a line break opportunity.
  2. The <wbr> tag can be used on very long words or other long strings of text with no spaces. Without the <wbr> tag, these long strings of text could either wrap in strange place (making it difficult to read), or not wrap at all - inadvertently pushing the page layout to the side (again, making it difficult to read and view the document as intended).
  3. The difference between the <wbr> tag and the <br> tag is that the <br> tag forces a line break. The <wbr> tag, on the other hand, simply represents a line breakopportunity - the browser should only render a line-break if necessary.
  4. The <wbr> tag is an empty tag. In other words, it has no end tag.
  5. The <wbr> tag is supported in all major browsers, except Internet Explorer.

Example 1 :

    <head><title>mark tag in html5</title>
        <b>Below is the text with wbr tag, which tells browser to apply line break</b>      
        <p>aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa<wbr>aaaa</wbr>aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa</p><br />
        <b>Below text does not wrap. This text causes scroll-bar to appear.</b>      

Demo :

In the above example, we have shown how to use wbr element in html5.


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