SSIS 2012 2008 Interview Questions with Answers

SSIS 2012 2008 Interview Questions with Answers

Today i will share with you the list of SSIS most frequently asked interview questions with answers.
SSIS 2008 or SSIS 2012 interview questions will help you prepare better for your interviews 

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1. What are the different types of Data flow components in SSIS?
There are 3 data flow components in SSIS.
1. Sources
2. Transformations
3. Destinations
2. Explain Audit Transformation ?
It allows you to add auditing information as required in auditing world specified by HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). Auditing options that you can add to transformed data through this transformation are :
1. Execution of Instance GUID : ID of execution instance of the package
2. PackageID : ID of the package
3. PackageName
4.VersionID : GUID version of the package
5. Execution StartTime
9.TaskID : uniqueidentifier type of the data flow task that contains audit transformation
3. Explain Copy column Transformation?
This component simply copies a column to another new column. Just like ALIAS Column in T-Sql.
4. Explain Derived column Transformation?
Derived column creates new column or put manipulation of several columns into new column. You can directly copy existing or create a new column using more than one column also.
5.Explain Multicast Transformation?
This transformation sends output to multiple output paths with no conditional as Conditional Split does. Takes ONE Input and makes the COPY of data and passes the same data through many outputs. In simple Give one input and take many outputs of the same data.
6.What is a Task?
A task is very much like a method of any programming language which represents or carries out an individual unit of work. There are broadly two categories of tasks in SSIS, Control Flow tasks and Database Maintenance tasks. All Control Flow tasks are operational in nature except Data Flow tasks. Although there are around 30 control flow tasks which you can use in your package you can also develop your own custom tasks with your choice of .NET programming language

7.What is a workflow in SSIS ?
Workflow is a set of instructions on to specify the Program Executor on how to execute tasks and containers within SSIS Packages
8.What is the Control Flow?
 When you start working with SSIS, you first create a package which is nothing but a collection of tasks or package components.  The control flow allows you to order the workflow, so you can ensure tasks/components get executed in the appropriate order
9.What is a Transformation?
 A transformation simply means bringing in the data in a desired format. For example you are pulling data from the source and want to ensure only distinct records are written to the destination, so duplicates are  removed.  Anther example is if you have master/reference data and want to pull only related data from the source and hence you need some sort of lookup. There are around 30 transformation tasks available and this can be extended further with custom built tasks if needed.
10.How many difference source and destinations have you used?
It is very common to get all kinds of sources so the more the person worked with the better for you. Common ones are SQL Server, CSV/TXT, Flat Files, Excel, Access, Oracle, MySQL but also Salesforce, web data scrapping.


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