jQuery Interview Questions with answers

Q :- What is jQuery ?
Ans : jQuery is a lighweight library that emphasizes interaction between Javascript and HTML.

Q :- Is jQuery a library for client scripting or server scripting ?
Ans : Client Scripting.

Q :- Is jQuery a W3C standard ?
Ans : No.

Q :- Which sign does jQuery use as a shortcut for jQuery ?
Ans : $

eg: $("#div").css('color','red');

Q :- When and who founded jQuery ?
Ans : jQuery was founded by John Resig in January 2006.

Q :- What scripting language is jQuery written in ?
Ans : Javascript.

Q :- What are jQuery Selectors ?
Ans : Selectors are used in jQuery to find and select DOM elements via id, class or element selector. There are many new selectors introduces in jQuery. Using jQuery selectors DOM elements can be selected and manipulated.

Q :- What does $("div") will select ?
Ans : This will select all the div elements on page.

Q :- What are the fastest selectors in jQuery ?
Ans : ID and element selectors are the fastest selectors in jQuery.

Q :- What are the slow selectors in jQuery ?
Ans : class selectors are the slow compare to ID and element.

Q :- How can you select all elements  in page using jQuery ?
Ans : We can use all selector to select all elements on page.

eg : $('*')

Q :- How to select element having a particular class (".selected") ?
Ans : $('.selected')

Q :- How to set page title using jQuery ?
Ans : 

Q :- Is it possible to use jQuery together with AJAX?
Ans : Yes.

Q :- What is the name of jQuery method for an asynchronous HTTP request ?
Ans : jQuery.ajax()

Q :- What are the features of jQuery in short ?
Ans : Effects and Animations, Ajax, Extensibility.

Q :- Name the method use to hide selected elements on UI ?
Ans : .hide().

Q :- What is chaining in jQuery ?
Ans : Chaining means to connect multiple functions and events in selectors.

eg :

Q :- What is difference between remove and detach method ?
And : detach method is same as remove method , but detach keeps the jQuery data associated with the removed elements.
Detach method id more powerful when you have ti reinsert the removed data.

Q :- What is use of jQuery load() method ?
Ans : The jQuery load() method is powerful AJAX method.
The load() method loads data from a server and puts the returned data into the selected element without reload the complete page.

Q :- What does size method of jQuery returns ?
Ans : It returns the number of elements in the object. This method helps in finding the count of elements in the object.

Q :- How to debug jQuery ?
Ans : Add the keyword debugger to the line from where we want to start the debugging.

Q :- What is difference between document.Ready() and onload() ?
Ans : document.ready() function can be inlcuded multiple times whereas onload() method can be called only once in a page.
document.ready() is called as soon as DOM is loaded while onload is called when everything is loaded on page i.e. images, DOM and other resources associated with the page.

Q :- What is jQuery UI ?
Ans : jQuery UI is a library which is built on top of jQuery library. jQuery UI comes with cool widgets, effects and interaction mechanism.

Q :- What are the advantages of using jQuery over Javascript in Asp.net Web Application.
Ans : jQuery is concise javascript code. Minimal amount of code is to be written for the same functionality
than the javascript.

Q :- Can we use our own specific charactor in the place of $ sign in jQuery?
Ans : You can create your own shortcut very easily. The noConflict() method returns a reference to jQuery, that you can save in a variable, for later use.

Q :- What is the difference between .js and .min.js ?
Ans : .min.js is basically the minified version of .js file. Both the files are same as far as functionality is concerned.
.min.js is used to increase the page performance as it is small in size compare to .js and takes less time to load.

Q :- What is the advantage of using minified version of jQuery rather than using the conventional one ??
Ans : The advantage of using a minified version of jQuery file is efficiency. The efficiency of page increases as minified version is small in size and takes less time to load.


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