SSIS 2012 Control Flow Tasks Precedence constraint Precedence constraint

Control flow Componets  in SSIS 2012 or 2008   Integration services 
  1. In this article i will be explaining you the control flow components in ssis 2012 
  2. Control flow is responsible for managing how the entire package operates
  3. There are three core components that can be used in the control flow to manage a package execution:
  1. Tasks are commonly used to add functionality to a package. 
  2. This functionality is wide and varied and provides the ability to perform the work in the package. 
  3. The categories of tasks that are performed are as follows:
  • Data tasks work with data.
  • File and network tasks interact with the file system and FTP sites.
  • Scripting tasks add custom transformations and logic to SSIS packages.
  • Database object transfer tasks manage the movement of SQL Server objects.
  • Package execution task control the execution of SSIS and Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages.
  • Analysis Services tasks interact with Analysis Services.
  • Maintenance tasks perform common SQL administrative functions.
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) tasks interact with WMI.
Precedence constraint
Precedence constraints are used to control the workflow between the tasks within a package that will dictate what will proceed a task based on a failure, completion or successful execution of a previous task. You can also use expressions to control the workflow.
Containers are used to group tasks together as one unit so that you can further refine the structure of the workflow within a package.


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