Images used in Social Networking Website project

Images used in Social Networking Website

This are the Images that we have used in our Social Networking Project.
You can save all this images inside images folder and then after refreshing the solution explorer all this images will be available in your project

It is good image and can be used where we want to show the administrator of any website.We have so far not used this image file in this project

It is a GiF file of an dancing boy which is cool and it shows Enthusiasum and is Energetic and also it is eye catching.This Image can be used used in almost any project

It is a Friends Icon Image.It can be used along side a label to represent friendlist or Friends of any user or a group of people.It is good icon

This is another Friends icon with two user images merged with each other.It is colorful and can be used where ever needed

This is another Friends Icon image in PNG format.The color theme of this icon is like facbook and it can also be used to represent friends or groups for a social networking website

It is a logo for our Social networking website called heartbeat.As we have kept the name of our social networking website as hearbeat.This logo clearly shows the heart with its beats

It is a PNG format Add as Friend button which can be used for sending friend request.The color theme of this button is similar to facebook

This is another logo for our heart beat project.Its a full red heart with some beats in it.It is cool and can be used on the home page of this project.

This is also logo for our hearbeat social app.The only different thing about this logo is that it is animated and it keeps changing its color.It has different colors such as green,red,pink and grey.The changing color effect and the heartbeat coming out of the heart makes it our choice and we have put this logo in our live demo of HeartBeat

This is an animated loading gif image.we have used this image on our wall and latest updates user control.When any user enters something on his or her wall.This loading effect comes and with any postback the post is updated

This is Messages icon and it can be used along with the users inbox messages and it can also be set as a background and above it we can show the inbox messages in red link just like facebook

This is another messages is is png format it can also be used for messages notification for any user account

This Image is an notification icon which can be used to show the notifications or any kind of alerts that a user is suppose to see.

This is the default profile picture if any user has not uploaded its profile picture then we can set this picture as its profile picture.But the coding for setting the default profile picture is not done in this project so far

It is a green online icon.It is displayed when a user is online.It is Indication that a particular user is online.Online chatting or one to one chatting is not yet implemented in this project so will be implemented in our next project of online chatting which we will be developing very sooooon.
This is the messenger icon of facebook.The same messenger icon that we all have on our facebook account.
This is the Friend Request icon of facebook.The same Friend Request icon that we all have on our facebook account.
This is the Globe or Notification icon of facebook.The same Globe or Notification icon that we all have on our facebook account.     


  1. Using a social network allows you to connect with or "friend" those who already make use of your services. Convince current customers to join your network by posting a flier about it at your place of business.

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